#SHORTVIEW: “A Bit Normality” by Thomas Toth & Michael Schaff


Julia is a single-mother, but she’s also a drug addict. This is her story.


> What message did you want to convey through this film?

Our intention was to show how hard it is to live as a drug addict while being a mother. Nobody wants to think about this reality, and there’s a whole taboo about this – but about 50.000 children in Germany are living right now under the care of drug-addicted parents.

It’s real, it’s something that is happening right now, unfortunately. Therefore, we wished to raise some awareness about this, because we feel that it’s a pretty important topic.

> Why did you focus on this mother-son relationship, specifically?

Motherhood is a challenge to every woman, but when you’re also an addict, and you’re living alone, it’s nearly impossible to live a decent life without any help. But still, Julia loves her child very deeply, she really does, and we were very interested about this conflict, and how it could be translated into a story.

> Did you have any notable difficulties while working with drug addicts?

It was tough, definitely, specially during the opening scenes. Nobody wanted to be filmed, obviously, and some of them might have had bad experiences with media before, so one of our challenges was to build a trusting relationship between us and be able to work together on a project that could continued when we turned the cameras off.

> And finally, why did you choose “a bit normality” as title for your short film?

Because it was Julia’s wish – that, at some point, “a little bit of normality” would come into her life, allowing her to live truly and fully again.

Thomas and Michael are very happy for Julia to “still be a part” of their lives, and are now working on a sequel to “A Bit Normality”, titled “A Bit Reality”.