“ZERO-G” by Jannis Lenz

The nine minutes short film Zero-G, directed by Jannis Lenz, is a documentary that guides us through

the artform of “Le Parkour”, a movement born in the Parisian suburbs, which has received global appeal on the internet.

Shot in Vienna, Zero-G collects material of three years, a period of time during which the film director, who practiced Parkour himself for quite a long time, followed his friends and recorded them during their freerun sessions.

The founder of this movement, David Belle, does not see Parkour only as a sport, but rather as a creative art that helps the environment and your own body to recognize and overcome limits. And so does Jannis Lenz.
The traceurs, people who practice Parkour, move with maximum efficiency, with a “flow” through the natural and urban environment, carrying on a silent revolution; using the art of movement, with a repertoire that ranges from handstand to somersault, from vaulting to long jump, they recapture the city as their living space.

Jannis Lenz manages to emphasize this aspect alternating gliding shots of parkour moves with¬†Fatima Moumouni’s performance; her well-known poetry slammer is, thanks to her energetic words, the right glue that keeps the short film together.

8650 Zero-G - still 03.jpg