“Back and Forward Inc” by Martin (Martn) Demmer

A dystopian, wordless, icy atmosphere. A man, sitting in a bare office, types too fast. He never moves from his chair, but his mind sometimes floats – in a forest, in a dream, in and out his own body. Reality seems weak, something fades and something looks even too real to accept.

This clever short movie embraces some of the main themes of the sci-fi genre: alienation, eugenic, mind control are well balanced to create a simple, staggering plot that doesn’t give rest to the audience, leading us through a continuous swinging of tension between a nightmare and insomnia.

As in the most clever works of the genre, a strong critic to society is quite easy to recognize: the Back and Forward Inc will cure the faults of humanity, such as old age, fatigue, imperfection; all you need to do is having faith, as they care for you – and they do it by any means necessary.

The director, Martin Demmer, clearly knows how to build up a disturbing, impersonal scenario worthy of the classic science fiction movies with a focus on its rhythm, skillfully using the sound effects. When a work is so gracefully sewn, there is only one thing left to say: just enjoy it!9114 Back and Forward INC - still 02