“Asshole” by Krzysztof Komander

As soon as you read the title, an obvious question comes to your mind: who is the asshole?

In the first scene of this beautifully-made short film, the camera follows the irregular gait of a lonely drunk guy wondering in streets at night. This vibe of solitude and alienation embraces the whole movie which portrays the ending of a relationship of a young couple.

Everything seems to be fine but under the surface, during nights out with friends and good sex, there’s this creepy feeling of dissatisfaction dooming the bonding of the two protagonists.

It’s a movie about the lack of communication disguised as routine chats and reassuring habits. All their true emotions are condensed in whispered “I hate you” and “I love you”.

There’s the loneliness of those who fear to be abandoned and there’s the cowardice of those who are not able to accept the consequences of their decisions, eventually waiting for something else to do the dirty job on their behalf.

The overall result is a movie characterized by noisy silences and tormented gazes – a slow and crawling wait of the final moment where everything becomes clear and definitive.

8507 Asshole - still 01