Interview with “The Ravens” director Jennifer Perrott

Synopsis of the film:

When young Ruby’s father returns unexpectedly from war, his volatile state makes it difficult for the family to reconnect. Ruby’s anxieties are projected onto a pair of ravens, vigilantly defending their nearby nest, who become a catalyst for the troubled family’s journey from crisis to healing.

Director’s bio:

Jennifer is an award-winning writer/director/producer working between Europe and Australia who won a Best Young Director Award at the Broadcastnow / BBC B+Young Talent Awards. She has directed prime time UK and Australian TV drama and attended the selective Binger Lab in Amsterdam as a writer/director of her feature script Dust of Life, also a semi Finalist in 2013 International BlueCat Screenplay competition.

What was the main inspiration for making this movie?

I was born in a Defence Force community and my father is a Vietnam Veteran. I wanted to make a universal film about how war service affects the family life of returned soldiers and explore the experience of PTSD within a family using metaphors of nature.

What is the metaphor of ravens in the movie?

The Ravens are characters in the film, a family in a nest, who need to protect themselves from danger, much like any human family experiencing war conflict. They are vigilant, as is the father in the film who has PTSD, and as is anyone who lives with someone who has PTSD. On a metaphoric level, ravens are also an omen of death and this short film is a thriller with a lot of tension that someone is going to die… who will it be?

How long the filming take?

10 days

Do you have any plans for the next film?

I’m developing a number of feature films at the moment, including an arthouse Zombie satire. Some projects I am attached to as director, working with another writer. I am also writing feature film screenplays that I plan to direct.