The Maltese fighter – How far can we go when desperate?

The Maltese Fighter - still 09

Victories which are not bringing glory or money; the desire to live a calm, satisfied life as an unreachable ideal and the lure of the dark side, driven by misery through the false hope of a better future. This is the Maltese short film by the director Arev Manounkain.

A short story full of emotions begins in a boxing ring. Detailed slow motion shots catching the fighting boxers and fans create a tense atmosphere. Carmelo (Malcolm Ellut) wins and it is not his first time, but outside of the ring a different kind of fight waits for him.

Everybody is fighting for something. The boxing ring is an old metaphor for life and its struggles. For some the fight is easier, for some they need to fight a lot. These days we are usually not forced to do something which goes against our faith, which we would´t be able to do under normal conditions. What would you do if faced with a critical situation and there was no escape? How far would you be able to go when desperate?

The year, 1971, Malta is in crisis. Excellent camera work shifts smoothly between breathtaking shots of beautiful Valletta to disturbing sights from the side streets, and to the interventions of the corrupted underworld. Difficult times are influencing the lives of ordinary people.

In the midst of the Maltese storm Carmelo is taking care of his son Giuseppi (Nico Fenech). He is a shipyard worker and by night, a popular boxer. In spite of it, neither satisfaction nor money are forthcoming. What will happen after the job is over?

The movie is attacking the imagination and enhancing the feeling of unescapable destruction. Great performances by young, talented Nico Fenech and Malcolm Ellut are adding authenticity to the story. Combined with a great production you easily become absorbed in their unmerciful world.