People in Balchik.

When thinking about Bulgaria you must think of the people who live there.

You have to explore their everyday life and journeys. Some are spending their days in the capital city Sofia and capturing the special feeling you can only catch in the capital. Others are enjoying peaceful moments on the coast of the Black Sea. In the city called Balchik (or the White Town as it is sometimes referred to), you can find peace and quiet only in the winter time. When the summer comes, this city turns into a hive of activity with plenty of tourists enjoying the hot weather and the beauty of the Black Sea.


In between all the tourists, you can find locals who experience both the calm of the winter and the busy moments of the summer.

One of the stories you can find in Balchik is about a lady who has lived in this city for more than 40 years, she owns a shop and has worked in it together with her family for about 25 years. This was one of the first shops in Balchik. This woman meets locals and many tourists every day and is very friendly and sociable person. In the winter time, she works as an English teacher. You can also speak to her in Spanish. When asked what is her favourite phrase in Bulgarian, the lady answered: “обичам те” (I love you) and her favourite place in Balchik is the Palace Gardens. This town is in her heart. You can see it in her eyes and hear it in her words when she says, “You have to be thankful for what you have every day!”